Hamas Islamic Resistance

Statement by Fawzi Barhoum on efforts to block US draft resolution condemning resistance

06 December, 18

The Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated the following

Hamas follows up the endeavours of some countries and bodies to thwart US-proposed draft resolution at the UNGA that condemns Hamas along with all the Palestinian resistance factions.

Hamas highly appreciates all these endeavours because they are aimed to defend the truth and bring justice.

Furthermore, we hail all the efforts exerted by the Palestinian institutions, including the Palestinian Authority-affiliated bodies.

Particularly, Hamas lauds the Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riad Mansour for his enormous efforts in this regard.

With our unity, we can preserve the rights of the Palestinian people and overcome the challenges together.

Hamas Spokesperson

Fawzi Barhoum

Thursday, December 6, 2018