Hamas Islamic Resistance

Statement by Hazem Qasem on 37th Friday of the Great Return March

07 December, 18


On the 37th Friday of the Great Return March, the spokesperson of Hamas Hazem Qasem stated the following:

The Palestinian masses are determined to participate in the Great Return March for the 37th consecutive Friday that coincides with the eruption of the First Intifada when the Palestinian people revolted against the Israeli occupation. Indeed, the mass protests along the Gaza border fence are a continuation of the popular resistance of the First Intifada.

Exactly as what the First Intifada did, the Great Return March revived the Palestinian cause and rights. The march also highlighted that the Palestinian people are entitled to resist all schemes targeting their cause.

On the 37th Friday of the Great Return March, Hamas stresses that the freedom struggle of the Palestinian people will continue unabated until the Palestinians embrace their freedom and return to their homelands from which they were forcibly displaced in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

Furthermore, the Great Return March would not stop, but when achieving the goals of the peaceful protesters, above all lifting the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip since 2006.

Hazem Qasem

Hamas spokesperson

Friday, December 7, 2018