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A press statement on Abbas’s UNGA speech

30 September, 15



A press statement on

Abbas’s UNGA speech

First of all Hamas reiterates its rejection of Oslo and the concessions it entails, and renews its call for removing this page from the history of our people.

Despite that Abbas consulted none of our people’s acting forces while formulating his speech, and in spite of the fact that Abbas addressed the whole world apart from his partners at home, we put down our objective notes on the speech:

First\ The speech came, in the most part, emotional and submissive, and did not rely on our people’s strong cards, and consequently the results will not differ from those of previous speeches.

Second\ Abbas's announcement that the PA will not remain committed to the agreements to which the Zionist enemy is not adhering is the demand of the Palestinian people and all the free peoples of the world, but the credibility of this announcement remains subject to its implementation on the ground, which must rise to the level of the Palestinian hopes and suffering.

The credibility of Abbas’s position relies on the following:

  1. The official announcing the end of Oslo, and rescinding recognition of the Zionist enemy.
  2. The immediate ceasing of security coordination, and unleashing resistance in the occupied West Bank.
  3. Stopping all political arrests, and the immediate release of all detainees.
  4. The immediate implementation of reconciliation accord s, holding a PLO leadership meeting, forming a national unity government, and working on lifting the siege on Gaza.
  5. Pursuing the  Israeli war criminals and bringing them before the International Criminal Court.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Wednesday 30 September 2015