Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Abbas’ illegal decision to dissolve elected Palestinian Legislative Council

23 December, 18

On Abbas’ announcement that the illegal ‘Constitutional Court” decided to dissolve the Palestinian legislative Council, Hamas movement states the following:

Hamas Movement rejects the decision of the so-called “Constitutional Court” that was established by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to legitimize his arbitrary decisions. Indeed, Abbas’ decision to dissolve the Palestinian Legislative Council has neither constitutional nor legal value. It is an invalid political decision because it is issued by an illegal body.

Abbas should have extended his hands to the Haniyeh’s invitation to hold a joint meeting,  thereby ending the Palestinian division. Rather, Abbas opted to ruin the Palestinian political system, maintain his unilateralism, and dissolve the legal institutions of the Palestinian people. All of this is just to serve his partisan interests.

Therefore, all the segments, factions, and parliamentary blocs of the Palestinian people should hinder Abbas’ illegal and irresponsible measures targeting the Legislative Council along with all the Palestinian people.

On the other hand, Hamas stresses that it is prepared to run for 'consensual general elections' in case Fatah pledges to accept their results whatever they are.

Finally, we call on Egypt to block Abbas' measures that are a fatal blow to the Egyptian endeavours aimed to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation.

Hamas Movement

Saturday, December 22, 2018


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