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Hamas abroad marks 31st Anniversary with mass rally in Lebanon

24 December, 18

Hamas leader abroad Maher Salah
Hamas leader abroad Maher Salah

The Palestinian people in the West Bank started their struggle for freedom and will continue until ending the occupation, Hamas leader abroad Maher Salah said.

During a celebration in Lebanon’s Sidon to mark Hamas’ 31st anniversary, Salah confirmed that Hamas stands with the Palestinian people on a rock-solid political ground despite the disproportion powers of the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli Occupation.

Salah reiterated that the Palestinian people embraced the option of resistance as a strategic choice to end the Israeli occupation of all the Palestinian territories.

He added that Hamas 31st anniversary came while the Palestinian cause was facing serious challenges. 

Hamas’ founding anniversary

Salah noted that Hamas has been embodying a unique example of a movement that preserves the national constants with all means possible, including the armed struggle and popular resistance while showing a great degree of political flexibility.

He added that Hamas has combined between integration and inclusiveness and presented mature political thinking which was introduced in its political document.

Salah hailed the Palestinian people for the great sacrifices they made while participating in the Great March of Return and resisting the occupation. 

The Palestinians abroad

Salah confirmed that the Palestinian people would uphold their right to return to their homeland and reject any proposal to resettle them in any territory other than Palestine. 

The Hamas leader noted that the Palestinians abroad have spared no effort to support the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 occupied territories.

“We work with the free people of the world to cement political ties in order to defend the Palestinian people and support their option to resist the occupation,” Salah added noting that the Palestinians abroad are in a fierce conflict with the Israeli Occupation at the political, cultural, media, and security levels.

Salah called for holding a Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue to preserve Lebanon’s sovereignty and provide the Palestinian refugees in the country a decent life.

He noted that the Palestinians abroad are facing serious challenges, above all the US administration’s decision to cut all UNRWA funds in a bid to liquidate the Palestinian refugees’ issue.

Regarding the so-called “Operation Northern Shield”, Salah noted that the Israeli Occupation sought to score an empty victory north of the occupied Palestinian territories.    

Salah hailed the Lebanese leadership and people for supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.

He stressed that Hamas stands with the Palestinian refugees in Syria and is exerting efforts to provide a decent life to the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp.

Normalisation with Israeli Occupation

Salah considered normalisation with the Israeli Occupation a “shameful act, a political sin”, and a “betrayal of the sacrifices made by the Palestinian people” throughout their struggle against the occupation. 

He called on the Arab and Islamic nations to put aside their differences to achieve the regional stability and unify the efforts exerted to preserve Jerusalem and its holy sites. 

 “Deal of Century”

Concerning the so-called “Deal of the Century”, Salah stressed that his movement would never allow any proposal aimed at targeting the Palestinian cause to pass, noting that the Palestinian people will never allow the implementation of the “Deal of the Century”.

Saleh called for restoring national unity and healing the Palestinian division on the basis of partnership in order to fight off the schemes aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause.  

Regarding the PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to dissolve the Legislative Council, Salah said that such move would deepen the internal rift and is rejected at the popular and national levels, as it has no legal value.

The Hamas leader abroad paid tribute to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the 1948 occupied territories, and in diaspora for standing steadfast in the face of the Israeli Occupation. 

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