Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas MPs meet head of Iran's National Security Council

25 December, 18

A delegation from Hamas Change and Reform parliamentary bloc has met with the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security council Ali Shamkhani in Tehran.

Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar led the delegation and discussed with the Iranian counterparts the latest internal and regional developments.

Al-Zahar hailed Iran’s role in supporting the Palestinian people and resistance.

Regarding normalisation with the Israeli Occupation, al-Zahar reiterated Hamas’ rejection to normalisation of ties with the Israeli Occupation.

The senior Hamas leader stated that the movement opposes any move to recognise the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation or waive the Palestinian people’s right to their homeland.   

 Shamkhani, in turn, praised the Palestinian resistance for performing its national duty and defending its people against the Israeli aggression. 

The senior Iranian official confirmed that his country would continue to support the Palestinian people and their cause.

Shamkhani highlighted the Iranian popular solidarity with the Palestinian people, stressing that supporting the Palestinian cause and restoring the Palestinians’ right to Jerusalem is a top priority for the Islamic nations.

Reiterating Iran’s pledge to continue providing humantarian aid to the Palestinian people, Shamkhani criticised the United Nations for failing to meet its commitment to reconstruct Gaza and serve its people a decent life. 

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