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Report: 5700 Palestinians detained by Israeli Occupation forces in 2018

02 January, 19

The Israeli Occupation forces detained about 5700 Palestinians, including 980 children and 175 women in 2018, according to a report issued on Tuesday.

The arbitrary Israeli arrest campaigns against the Palestinian civilians have become part of the Israeli Occupation’s policy of collective punishment adopted to deter the Palestinian people from resisting the occupation by all means possible, the report said.

The Israeli Occupation hold Palestinians in terrible detention, where they are denied of their basic needs of life, including access to medical care and family visits, the report added.

According to the report, the Israeli Occupation detained 1800 Palestinians from Jerusalem, 900 others from Hebron, and 215 from the Gaza Strip during 2018.

The Israeli Occupation forces kidnapped 980 children, including kids under the age of 10, the report said, adding that the 3-year-old Dargham Moswada was detained by the Israeli Occupation forces in Hebron’s Old City, which was a dangerous precedent.

The report indicated that the Israeli Occupation forces arrested last year 175 women, including minor girls, journalists, academics, and elderly women.

About 150 of the Palestinians detained by the Israeli Occupation forces over the past year were sick or people with disabilities, above all the visually-impaired Ali Hanon, 53, and 22-year-old Sameh Abel Ghani, whose right leg was amputated, the report stressed.

The report noted that seven members of the Palestinian Legislative Council were arrested by the Israeli Occupation forces in 2018.

Due to medical negligence, five Palestinians died inside the Israeli jails over the past year; hence, the death toll among the Palestinians detained in the Israeli jails has risen to 217, the report demonstrated.