Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas receives senior Egyptian delegation in Gaza

11 January, 19


Hamas leadership received Thursday evening a high-profile delegation from the Egyptian Intelligence in Hamas office in Gaza.

The Egyptian delegation consisted of the deputy chief of the Egyptian Intelligence General Ayman Badie’ and the Chief of the Palestinian Affairs in the Egyptian Intelligence General Ahmed AbdulKhaliq.

Hamas leaders discussed with the Egyptian delegation many developments including ceasefire understandings with the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian reconciliation, and the issue of Rafah crossing.

The Hamas officials explained in details the ‘existential threats’ posed to the Palestinian issue including Judaizing Jerusalem, usurping the Palestinian lands in the West Bank, attacking the Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, and launching arrest campaigns on a daily basis by the occupation forces.

Hamas reiterated its rejection to all projects aimed to liquidate the Palestinian issue, above all the ‘Deal of the Century’.

The movement stressed that Egypt should pressure the Israeli occupation to abide by the ceasefire understandings including breaking the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. The Hamas officials clarified that the claims made by the Israeli occupation’s leaders to justify violating the understandings are unacceptable.

Furthermore, the Hamas leaders briefed the delegation on the Fatah practices against the Palestinian people including arrests and confiscation of properties in the West Bank, stressing that the Palestinian unity could be only restored through a comprehensive meeting for all the Palestinian factions that is based on 2011 Reconciliation Agreement.  

The movement urged Egypt to fulfil its responsibility to alleviate the Gaza siege and open Rafah crossing in both directions.  

Meanwhile, the delegation held another meeting with other Palestinian factions including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Egyptian officials listened to the Palestinian factions’ viewpoints on the developments of the Palestinian issue.

The met factions agreed that Egypt should call for a comprehensive meeting for all the Palestinian factions to restore unity on the basis of partnership.

The Egyptian delegation assured Hamas that it would go on with its endeavours to re-enforce the 2014 ceasefire agreement and to remove the plight of the Gaza Strip, stressing that they exert every possible effort to promote reconciliation.

“The Rafah crossing will remain open in both direction,” the Egyptian officials highlighted.

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