Haniya: Gaza is more than ready for Jerusalem’s battle

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Vice chairman of Hamas's Political Bureau Ismail Haniya confirmed that Gaza is more than ready for Jerusalem’s battle, stressing that the battle in Jerusalem is Hamas's battle, and the movement will never abandon its role and place.

In a Friday prayers sermon at a mosque in Gaza City, Haniya declared the current clashes in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank as a real intifada, saying that Gaza’s experience of patience and steadfastness in the last three wars with Israeli occupation will always remain a strategic source of inspiration for Jerusalem and all of Palestine,

"The Palestinian Intifada has revived to liberate al-Aqsa, and we as Gazans intend to join" Haniya declared.

Haniya said that Gaza will never be a separate statelet, noting that Palestinian blood, battle and people are one, stressing that Gaza will continue to be at the forefront in defending Palestinian lands, prisoners and holy places.

As he hailed the Palestinian Intifada "uprising", Haniya called for strengthening and deepening the intifada. “It is the only path that will lead to liberation.” He added.

Calling on the Palestinian people to protect the Palestinian uprising, Haniya warned of any internal or external attempt to stop Jerusalem’s Intifada. “This current uprising must be continued till the day of liberation,” he said, noting that for 20 years the path of negotiations has proven futile, resulting in nothing but desperation and internal conflict.

He concluded by calling for forming an Islamic-Arab network for supporting the Jerusalem Intifada by all possible means.

"The Arab and Muslim nations must stand in the face of the Zionist colonialism, and take responsibility for supporting Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa." Haniya said. 

Source : Hamas