Hamas Islamic Resistance

Report: Israeli Occupation committed 32,000 violations in West Bank and Jerusalem in 2018

17 January, 19

The Israeli Occupation committed 32,252 violations against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem during 2018 according to the Hamas Media Office’s Annual Report on the Israeli Violations.

The documented violations included extrajudicial execution, raids, seizing Palestinian-owned properties, desecrating holy sites, and imposing a travel ban on Palestinians.

The Israeli Occupation forces killed 49 Palestinians over the past year, some of whom were deliberately executed under false pretexts, the report explained.

The report demonstrated that 3567 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli Occupation forces and Israeli settlers last year.  

The Israeli Occupation forces detained 5538 Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and elderly, during 2018.

The report highlighted that the Israeli Occupation forces erected 4464 military checkpoints across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and carried out 6434 raids into Palestinian cities and towns. 

The number of the Palestinian homes demolished by the Israeli forces during 2018 hit 136 and 66 of which are located in occupied Jerusalem, while 3361 homes were stormed by  Israeli Occupation forces.

The report documented the confiscation of 369 Palestinian properties and the demolition of 381 others.   

According to the report, the Israeli settlers violently attacked 762 Palestinian civilians, while 3,429 others were banned from travelling abroad.

The Israeli Occupation forces banished 206 Palestinians from Jerusalem, the report revealed.

The report documented 291 incursions into holy sites, mostly in Al-Aqsa Mosque, by Israeli settlers under protection from the Israeli Occupation forces.

Around 91 illegal Israeli settlement activities were carried out over the past year, including building settlement units, sizing and razing Palestinian lands to expand settlements, and establishing settlement outposts and military bases, the report showed.

The reported Israeli violations were mostly perpetrated in Ramallah, occupied Jerusalem, Nablus, and Hebron.