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Hamas delegation to visit Cairo soon for talks

19 January, 19

Hamas leader Ismail Ridwan said Friday that a delegation from his movement is going to visit Cairo soon to discuss the intra-Palestinian reconciliation and the ways to alleviate the Israeli siege on Gaza.

During his participation on the 43rd Friday of the Great Return March protests, Ridwan added that the Hamas delegation’s visit to Cairo came as part of the “non-stopping contact between Hamas and Egypt.”

Regarding the Great Return March protests, Ridwan reiterated that the peaceful, popular protests along Gaza’s eastern border fence would continue until its goals are achieved despite the Israeli Occupation’s attempt to stall implementation of ceasefire understandings.

Ridwan held the Israeli Occupation responsible for the repercussions of its heinous crimes against the Palestinian civilians participating peacefully in the Great March of Return protests.

The Hamas leader called on the international community to intervene to pile pressure on the Israeli Occupation to lift its 12-year siege on Gaza and abide by the ceasefire understandings with the Palestinian resistance.