PA staff will not return to Rafah crossing, aide to Hamas chief says

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Egypt formally promised Hamas that it would reopen the Rafah border crossing in both directions, senior aide to Hamas chief Taher al-Nunu said.

He noted that the Palestinian Authority employees would not run the Gaza-Egypt crossing again. 

In a press release, al-Nunu added that the Egyptian officials confirmed that the Rafah crossing was open in one direction over the past few days due to the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula and would be reopened in both directions soon.

Regarding the PA’s decision to pull its staff from the Rafah crossing, al-Nunu called for a unified, national response to the PA’s move, urging the Palestinian factions to counter the PA’s sanctions on Gaza, which aggravated the humantarian situation in the besieged enclave.

Al-Nunu noted that the PA’s move was aimed to put pressure on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Early this month, the PA withdrew its employees from Rafah border crossing with Egypt in southern Gaza.

Haniya’s foreign tour

Concerning the top Hamas leader Ismail Haniya’s visit to Russian, al-Nunu said that Haniya’s foreign trip was delayed until next April or May for “technical reasons”.

Al-Nunu demonstrated that the Hamas-Russia relations were close developing.   

Ceasefire talks

Regarding the Egypt-brokered ceasefire talks, al-Nunu reiterated that the Palestinian resistance would abide by the ceasefire understandings as long as the Israeli Occupation adheres to them.

Al-Nunu hailed the United Nations for its efforts to alleviate the humantarian situation in Gaza.