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Palestinian people never blackmailed for humanitarian assistance, al-Hayyah says

24 January, 19

Hamas and the Palestinian factions have rejected receiving the third Qatari humanitarian grant to protest against the Israeli political blackmail.

Qatar has donated monthly assistance of $15 million dollars for six months in aid of Gazans enduring difficult humanitarian situation due to the 12-year Israeli blockade.

The Israeli occupation’s leaders have blocked entry of the fund into Gaza many times over the few past weeks to blackmail the Palestinian resistance and to exploit the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip  for electoral advertising.

In a press release, the Deputy Hamas Chief in Gaza Dr. Khalil al-Hayyah announced that Hamas met with the Qatari Ambassador to Palestine Muhammad al-Amadi informing him that the Palestinian factions rejected receiving the humanitarian assistance to Gaza due to the political blackmail by the Israeli leaders.

“The Palestinian people would never be subject to that blackmail by Israeli officials to promote electoral advertising,” al-Hayyah added.

He also mentioned that Hamas’ rejection to receive the aid is also to respond to the Israeli attempts to evade ceasefire understandings brokered by Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations.

The senior Hamas official stressed that the Great Return March would continue until the Palestinian demands are met.

He also noted that Hamas discussed with the Qatari Ambassador the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli leaders’ exploitation of the dire conditions in the strip to promote their electoral advertising.

Al-Hayyah lauded Qatar for supporting the Palestinian people and clarified that the Qatari Ambassador understood Hamas’ stance.

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