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Fatah-formed government lacks consensus and legitimacy, Hamas officials say

28 January, 19

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem condemned the Abbas’ move to from a new government without national consensus as a new violation that exacerbates the internal rift and weakens the Palestinian home front.

The Fatal Central Committee announced yesterday that a new government would be formed to replace Rami Hamdallah-led cabinet. The new members will be from Fatah with exception to some independent figures.

The spokesperson pointed out that unilateral moves taken by Abbas are intended to separate Gaza from Palestine.

“It is a new blow to unity by Fatah overriding all reconciliation endeavours… [Thus,] the only beneficiary of this decision is the Israeli occupation only,” Qasem added

Meanwhile, Hamas official Sami abu-Zuhri said that the formation of a new government without national consensus reflects the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s unilateralism and monopoly of power.