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Hamas congratulates Lebanon on formation of new government

03 February, 19

Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas congratulated Saturday Lebanon on the formation of a new government, wishing the long-awaited national unity government more success.

In a press release by Hamas’ Division of Refugee Affairs, Hamas expressed its appreciation of the new government’s ministerial statement, in which it rejected resettlement proposals for the Palestinian refugees, upheld the Palestinians’ right of return, and called on international organisations to assume their responsibilities towards Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees and permanently help provide funds to UNRWA.

Hamas called on Lebanon’s government to grant the Palestinian refugees their economic, social and humantarian rights, including the right to work and property.  

The resistance movement reiterated the necessity to grant Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon their basic rights, as such a move would bolster the joint Palestinian-Lebanese relations.

Hamas urged the Lebanese government to include a paragraph calling for Palestinian-Lebanese comprehensive dialogue that tackles all issues in common.

As many of the houses in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps have become ramshackle, Hamas called on the new government to facilitate entry of construction material into the camps.

Hamas confirmed that dialogue should be the core of the relations between the Lebanese government and the Palestinian refugees.