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Three steps to seek a way out of current situation, Hamas official says

12 February, 19


Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mosa Abu Marzouq identified three essential steps to seek a way out of the current Palestinian situation on the basis of preserving the constants of the Palestinian cause, restructuring the Palestinian Home, and lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza.

In a speech during the inauguration session of a conference held by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Abu Marzouq explained that preserving the Palestinian cause should depend on seven steps, including the rejection of President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” and any proposal aimed to establish a state in Gaza that separates the coastal enclave from the West Bank.

Abu Marzouq reiterated that Jerusalem is the capital of the future Palestinian state, highlighting the importance to thwart all schemes aimed at liquidating the Palestinian refugee issue and uphold the Palestinian people’s right of return, as well as rejecting all forms of normalisation with the Israeli Occupation at all levels. 

Restructuring the Palestinian House

Abu Marzouq believed that the Palestinian House could be restructured after restoring the national unity. 

He confirmed that Hamas’ vision for reconciliation is based on launching an inclusive national dialogue, implementing the 2011 and 2017 unity deals, forming a political partnership between all factions, and agreeing on a resistance program, including goals, policies, and mechanisms.   

The Senior Hamas official explained that the national unity government’s job is to unify the West Bank and Gaza, resolve the disputed issues, and prepare for general elections.

Abu Marzouq noted that holding general elections required entering into a national dialogue to discuss the arrangements for the election process.   

Abu Marzouq reaffirmed the necessity to end the war of words, suggesting forming factional committees to take action if one of the groups didn’t abide by this decision. 

Ending Gaza siege

Abu Marzouq warned that the Israeli siege on Gaza would deepen the internal division and lead to an uncontrolled collapse in terms of the humanitarian situation in the impoverished territory.  

“We have to end the Palestinian people’s suffering in Gaza and avert a new war with the Israeli Occupation,” Abu Marzouq added.

The Palestinian factional dialogue in Russia

The senior Hamas leader thanked the Russian officials for inviting the Palestinian factions to hold meetings in Moscow in order to promote reconciliation and unity.

Abu Marzouq noted that this dialogue comes after a series of negative developments including dissolving the Palestinian Legislative Council, holding the Palestinian Central Council without consensus, and imposing new sanctions on the Gaza Strip by Mahmoud Abbas.

He concluded by expressing his hopes that the ongoing dialogue would put an end to the Palestinian rift, noting that the Russian invitation might be followed by another one made by Egypt.