Hamas Islamic Resistance

Senior Hamas officials meet Egyptian journalists

13 February, 19

Senior Hamas officials met yesterday with Egyptian journalists and reporters at the Bureau of Egypt Today Newspaper.

The Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh and member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya conducted a lengthy meeting with the Egyptian journalists, where Dr. Said AbdulMuein, Chairman of Board of Directors of Egypt Today, and AbduLatif al-Minawi, the Chief Editor of the newspaper attended.

Haniyeh briefed the journalists and reporters on the developments and challenges facing the Palestinian cause in light of the current circumstances in the region.

He also highlighted the Hamas vision to find a way out of the current deteriorating situation of the Palestinian cause.

The Hamas top official mentioned that achieving reconciliation should be based on partnership, restructuring the Palestinian home, and re-building the Palestinian political system, as per the previously signed reconciliation agreements.

Haniyeh, furthermore, reiterated that the Palestinian general elections had to be held and the Palestinian people’s will had to respected.

Concerning the schemes targeting the Palestinian issue, the Hamas official said that Hamas, along with the Palestinian people, would not accept any plan liquidating their issue or abolishing their constants, above all the “Deal of the Century”.

“Meanwhile, [Hamas] will mobilize international, regional, Islamic, and Arab support to block such schemes”, Hanyieh added.

Hamas would keep coordination with the brotherly Arab countries, the first of which Egypt, to uphold the constants and fulfill the aspirations of the Palestinian people, he added.

Following the meeting, the Hamas senior official answered the questions of attending journalists and reporters.

As an answer to a question, Haniyeh said, “The Palestinian people and Egypt maintain rock-solid relations….and Gaza will remain a guard for the National Security of Egypt.”

As regards the priorities of Hamas, the top Hamas leader said that Hamas efforts are concentrated on supporting the Palestinian people, upholding their rights, enhancing their steadfastness and resistance until liberating Palestine and returning to their hometowns and villages from which they were expelled in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

“Then, the Palestinian people would establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,” Hanyieh added.

The Hamas top official extended Hamas’ congratulations to Egypt for being elected to preside over the African Union, wishing the Egyptian President success in his new position.  

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