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Hamas MP condemns ‘shifting policy’ by PA and IOF to detain Palestinians

13 February, 19

A Hamas official condemns the arrests by the Palestinian Authority-affiliated security forces that are followed by immediate detention by the Israeli occupation as an appalling tragedy.

The Hamas MP Khaled Tafish labeled the ‘shifting policy’ adopted by the PA security forces and the Israeli forces as a great tragedy for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank arrest dozens of Palestinians for political activity, and upon their release, the Israeli occupation forces hold them in detention again.

Commenting on what he called ‘shifting policy’, Tafish said, “The Palestinian people face double suffering that is the Palestinian security forces’ arrests that are immediately followed by Israeli violations.”

The Hamas MP added that the Palestinian people had been experiencing the tragedy of political arrests by PA.

“Musa al-Kateeb is not the only example. He was detained yesterday by the Israeli occupation forces after one hour of being released from the PA’s jails,” Tafish added.

He also noted that the ‘shifting policy’ indicates that the PA does neither take decisions freely nor challenge the Israeli hegemony.

The Hamas official regretted that human rights organisations ignore the shifting policy adopted by the Israeli occupation and the PA security forces.