Press release by Hamas Chief following Israeli violations in Jerusalem

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Press release issued by Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh commenting on the Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation’s field measures and steps in occupied Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, including the closure of al-Aqsa’s Bab al-Rahma and some of the al-Aqsa-affiliated institutions, are extraordinarily alarming. They highlight the Israeli intentions to impose new restrictions in order to divide the Muslims’ third holiest site timely and spatially until taking over the holy site.

Thus, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh states the following:

First: We hail the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, especially the Palestinians defending al-Aqsa Mosque and foiling all Israeli schemes aimed to impose a new reality on the ground. We praise their steadfastness that reflects a strong Palestinian will capable of thwarting the Israeli schemes and measures.

Second: We call on the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 occupied territories to gather next Friday at al-Aqsa and defend the holy site in order to foil the newly imposed Israeli measures aimed at judaizing the compound.

Third: We urge the Palestinian resistance and people to defend al-Aqsa with all means possible.  

Fourth: This Israeli assault on al-Aqsa came after the Warsaw conference, where the Israeli leaders mistakenly thought that such a meeting had heralded a new era of normalisation of ties. Therefore, we call on the Arab and Islamic nations to end all forms of normalisation with the Israeli Occupation at all levels, place the Palestinian cause back on top of their agenda, and view the Israeli Occupation as their arch-foe.  

 Finally, the Palestinian people, who have failed all Israeli measures and schemes aimed at dividing al-Aqsa Mosque spatially and timely, will not surrender to these measures and will keep working at all levels towards foiling this new conspiracy.

Head of Hamas Political Bureau

Ismail Haniyeh

Wednesday, February 20, 2019