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Israeli Occupation intensified attacks on Al-Aqsa in wake of normalisation, Hamas official says

21 February, 19

The Palestinian people, including national figures and officials, are concerned about the growing wave of normalisation with the Israeli Occupation, Hamas official Hassan Yousef said on Wednesday.

In a press release, Yousef noted that this “phenomenon” would negatively affect the future of the Palestinian cause, especially the Jerusalem issue and the Palestinians’ right of return.

Regarding the “extravagant scramble” for normalisation with the Israeli Occupation, Yousef stressed that the Arab regimes were perpetrating a “massacre of the Palestinian people’s rights” by normalising ties with the Israeli Occupation, as this move would legalise all forms of aggression committed by the Israeli Occupation against the Palestinian people.  

Yousef noted that the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic peoples along with the free people of the world would thwart this “crime against the Palestinian people.”

The Hamas official regretted that the Arab states have failed to realise the terrible outcomes of this phenomenon inflicted on the Palestinian rights, noting that the slogan “Palestinian rights first” has been eroded away.  

Yousef indicated that normalisation with the Israeli Occupation is aimed at penetrating the Arab societies, adding that what some sides do to brag about their ties with the Israeli Occupation doesn’t reflect the will of Arab and Islamic nations.    

Concerning the systematic Israeli schemes to alter Jerusalem’s Arab and Islamic identity, Yousef said that the Israeli Occupation would exploit the wave of normalisation to judaize Jerusalem and its holy sites, as the Israeli Occupation government had allocated 200 million shekels in judaization projects in a bid to impose a new reality on the ground and divide al-Aqsa Mosque spatially and timely. 

Yousef warned of the repercussions of normalisation with the Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian people’s rights, above all their right of return, given that normalisation goes in line with the US President Donald Trump’s wrongful definition of the Palestine refugees, limiting their total number to dozens of thousands who are still alive.     

Yousef called for severing any tie with the Israeli Occupation immediately and healing the internal division, urging the national and Islamic factions to educate and enlighten the coming generations about the benefits of national partnership and the option of resistance.

Stressing that normalisation with the Israeli Occupation shatters unity and threatens the Palestinian cause, Yousef called for a joint national political program to preserve the Palestinian constants, above all the right of return and the status quo of Jerusalem, and end security collaboration and normalisation with the Israeli Occupation.    


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