Hamas Islamic Resistance

Q&A Session: Hamas spokesperson talks to journalists and people directly

26 February, 19

Hamas.ps organized a Q&A session on Thursday, February 12, 2019. The Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem answered the questions of journalists and people from all over the world. The questions and answers are listed below so that you could go through them easily. If you have a question or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us on Hamas’ official email (info.en@hamas.ps).

When do you expect to have women in charge of Hamas?

Hamas encourages women’s participation in political life. Indeed, women are represented in all organizational levels of Hamas. A woman in Hamas, furthermore, actively participates in decision making at all Hamas’ institutions. At all Hamas’ activities like the celebration of Hamas anniversaries and others, the movement demonstrates considerable respect to and a strong presence of female members. Finally, there are many female MPs in Hamas parliamentarian bloc.

What is Hamas' opinion of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)? There is a very large number of supporters and advocates for a free Palestine among the radical left wing around the world.

Hamas considers the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) a major political partner in the freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation. The movement maintains a high level of political and field coordination with the PFLP, and Hamas always seeks development of bilateral relations. 

Why do not you set up police forces at the border to make sure no one tries to go into Israel territories?
Protesters gathering near the eastern separation fence of Gaza are exercising their right of peaceful protest against the Israeli occupation and its aggressive policies, especially the crippling blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip. On the other, the international community should rather put pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to stop targeting civilian protesters than stop a peaceful and legitimate means of resistance.

When will you stop to invest foreign financial aid in terror infrastructure like tunnels and use this money to build social infrastructure and to finance housing, welfare, and healthcare?

Hamas never receives or controls any humanitarian aid. The international organisations like UNRWA, UNDP, OXFAM, CHF, WFP, and USAID provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, without Hamas’ interference.

Regarding the infrastructure and healthcare systems, Gaza has been under a crippling Israeli siege since 2006 that has deteriorated such systems considerably. Furthermore, the Israeli occupation does not allow hundreds of basic construction materials to enter Gaza and puts severe restrictions on money transfer into the enclave, the fact preventing the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from doing any maintenance or development projects.

After Hamas’ victory with an overwhelming majority in the first-ever free Palestinian elections in 2006, the Israeli occupation destroyed many governmental offices, tens of schools, tens of healthcare centres, and sewage, water and electricity grids.

In addition, the Israel occupation has severely damaged the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip through its continual attacks, including four major offensives in 2006, 2008/9, 2012 and 2014

What will happen to the Jews of Al Quds when it is liberated?

Our aim is to end the domination of the Israeli occupation over the land of Palestine and the Palestinian people. We do not have any problem with Jews as a religious group. ​

Why does Hamas like to cooperate with Qatar and Turkey? They are a marionette of the USA, for example, Turkey is a NATO member. Qatar also have good relations with the USA

Well, Qatar supports the Palestinians, mainly in the Gaza Strip and Turkey supports our rights at international forums. Hamas does not interfere in the domestic affairs of any country.

I suggest that the Great March of Return stops until we in the UK get Jeremy elected. You see, when kids are killed, we complain and the Zionists call us anti-Semitic. And the opposition tears itself apart thus helping the Zionists and the status quo carries on.

Thank you for showing sympathy with our people. The disastrous situation in Gaza resulted from the 12-year-old Israeli siege, does not allow the Palestinians to wait for more.

Why do you think the US ever looked upon as a true broker of peace between the Palestine and Israel given America's notorious record in foreign affairs?
As Palestinians, we have never considered the American administrations as an honest broker between us and the Israeli occupation. They have always sided with the Israeli occupation. This is the reason for repeated failures to reach a solution.

The US backs Israel with billions of dollars annually, without the total consensus of all US citizens. It is doubtful Israel would be able to continue its unrelenting, heinous acts without the backing of America. To that end, do you see the US as an even more dangerous foe than Israel even though is the Israelis directly subjugating the true owners of the land?
Today, the American administration has become a partner in the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. The US relocation of the US embassy to the occupied Palestinian holy city of Jerusalem is an example.

Does Hamas negotiate with Fatah?
Usually, there are meetings between Hamas and Fatah despite the differences. This is natural as both are Palestinian factions. Hamas hopes that such meetings would end with reconciliation very soon.

Israel says Hamas is holding civilians and soldiers’ bodies in Gaza. Does Hamas use this to get Israel to stop attacking it?
There are Israeli prisoners detained while they were inside the Gaza Strip during Israeli offensives. It is the legitimate right for the Palestinian resistance to detain them. Hamas holds them detentions temporarily to negotiate for a prisoner swap.

What is Palestine's policy on negotiating with Israel?
Based on our experience, it has been proved that negotiations have failed to bring back the Palestinian rights. The main problem is not negotiations but is that Israel does not recognise any of the Palestinian rights.

Do the elections in Israel affect your strategy against Israel? Will you continue your protests against the Israeli governments?
As Palestinians, we have experienced life with different Israeli governments. All of them adopted the same approach with the Palestinians. Therefore, the protests against the Israeli occupation will continue regardless of the Israeli elections, whoever the winner is.

Why do you think it’s acceptable to stab Jews; run them over with cars and send rockets and multi-coloured balloons with bombs attached?
All these acts are reactions to Israeli aggression. Executing a schoolgirl at an Israeli military checkpoint or murdering a family by Israeli warplanes, while staying safely in its home, naturally lead to such incidents.

Why wouldn't you put your time and effort into the Palestinian people instead of inciting violence and teaching hate to children in schools? Why not BUILD Palestine up from within? Palestine will never succeed if it doesn't change from within. Never.

First, the Israeli occupation is the party that provokes hatred due to its crimes against the unarmed Palestinian civilians. Second, we teach our sons and daughters to strive for their rights using legitimate resistance means, guaranteed by the international law.

What happened to all the aid money you’ve not used for your people? Is all of it in Qatar in Haniyeh’s bank account? Or did some go to purchase rockets and build tunnels?

Hamas as a resistance movement has never received any penny from the Qatari money. The Qatari Committee always distributes the fund to the needy in the Gaza Strip under the full supervision of Qatari officials.

What has Hamas done for the Palestinian people? Please answer the question, without deflecting.

Hamas has maintained the Palestinian cause and constants from fading away and being abolished. Hamas kept the Palestinian cause present locally, regionally and internationally.

When will you realize that Israel is far more powerful and you will never win?

Hamas realises that the Israeli occupation is far more powerful than the Palestinian resistance, but history proved that no colonial power could defeat people striving for their rights and freedom.

Why have no elections been held for over a decade?

Hamas believes that elections are the only way for power transition and therefore it took part in the last parliamentarian elections held in 2006. However, the US, Israeli occupation, and many other international players refused to recognise the results these democratic elections. For Hamas, it is ready to go for any elections to guarantee a free democratic transition of power.

Why don’t you do more to defend your land and your people? So many are butchered by the apartheid state of Israel is because there are no consequences.

The resistance has responded to the Israeli aggressions several times during 2018. There is a big difference in the balance of power between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation; therefore, the resistance considers every single response carefully.

Why are you designated a terrorist organization by the US, the EU, Australia, NZ, Egypt, Jordan, and Canada?

Hamas is part of the Palestinian political system and it won democratic elections in 2006. In addition, many international parties deal with Hamas, including the UN. Finally, this designation by some parties is a result of American pressure.