Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on extrajudicial execution of two Palestinians by Israeli Occupation in Ramallah

04 March, 19

In the wake of the crime committed by Israeli Occupation forces west of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

The Israeli Occupation forces killed today two Palestinians and wounded another west of Ramallah. Therefore, they perpetrated a new crime against the Palestinian people, highlighting the Israeli criminal mentality towards the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

Indeed, the Israeli atrocities would not push the Palestinian people to backtrack on the option of defending their rights and securing a bright future for the coming generations.  

Hamas extends its condolences to the families of Ameer Daraj and Yousef Anqawi, whom the Israeli Occupation forces shot dead west of Ramallah. The movement also calls on the Palestinian people to attend their funerals as a sign of protest against the Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians.

The ongoing aggression by the Israeli Occupation government and forces against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, including extrajudicial execution of civilians, crackdown on the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails, and violations at al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as banning Palestinian worshippers from entering the Muslims’ third holiest site, requires an immediate national action, which reflects the Palestinian unity,  to tackle the Israeli violations.

Finally, Hamas urges the PA to end its security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation and embrace the option of resistance in order to tackle the Israeli crimes.

Hamas Movement

Monday, March 4, 2019