Hamas Islamic Resistance

Israeli collective punishment and home demolition policies in the West Bank would not block resistance

07 March, 19

On the Israeli decision to demolish a number of homes in the West Bank, Hamas Movement states the following:

The Israeli government has been adopting the policy of house demolition in the West Bank, as it mistakenly thinks that this policy would stop resistance acts and spread fear among the Palestinian people. Today, the Israeli occupation demolished the home of Palestinian lady Um A’sem al-Barghouti, but she replied to the occupation, “Resistance is more important than stones and walls.”

Indeed, the Netanyahu government has to realize that the collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people would not break the will of the Palestinian people, who would not keep silent observing the Israeli atrocious acts and crimes.

The movement hails al-Barghouti family for standing steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation and insisting on making great sacrifices for the sake of the freedom struggle of the Palestinian people. In addition, Hamas thanks the residents of Kuber village for siding with al-Barghouti family and  defying the Israeli tyranny.

Hamas Movement

March 7, 2019