Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on extrajudicial execution of Palestinian by Israeli Occupation forces

10 March, 19

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WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 13.07.58

Commenting on the extrajudicial execution of the 22-year-old Palestinian Salama Ka’abna at an Israeli military checkpoint near Jericho, Hamas states the following:

The Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Salama Ka’abna at a checkpoint killing him in cold blood

Indeed, killing Ka’abna by the Israeli occupation forces is a new crime added to the Israeli criminal record. The Israeli criminal acts against the Palestinian people and land will reinforce their determination to uphold their rights and end the occupation with all legitimate means possible.

This criminal act came less than two weeks after killing two Palestinian youths in Ramallah by Israeli Occupation forces.

Finally, Hamas stresses that the Palestinian people will never remain silent towards the Israeli crimes against them.

Hamas Movement

March 10, 2019