Hamas Islamic Resistance

Israeli occupation kills civilian in Salfit, Hamas mourns and condemns

13 March, 19

Commenting on the Israeli occupation’s deliberate targeting of civilians in Salfit, Jerusalem, Member of Hamas Political Bureau Zaher Jabareen stated the following:

The Israeli occupation’s violations against the Palestinian people and abhorrent aggressions against al-Aqsa, especially today’s closure of the mosque, must never be tolerated. The Israeli occupation must be held accountable for its flagrant crimes committed at the holy compound.

While attacking al-Aqsa, the Israeli occupation executed the Palestinian youth Muhammad Jamil Shaheen in cold blood at the compound. Hamas stresses that the Palestinian people would not keep silent and the Israeli violations will trigger a Palestinian response.

As Hamas mourns the death of the Palestinian victim, it urges the Palestinian people to defend al-Aqsa against the Israeli violations.

Finally, Hamas hails the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Salfit who defend al-Aqsa against the Israeli occupation. The movement also praises the Palestinian guards of al-Aqsa Mosque who defend the compound against the Israeli occupation’s arbitrary attacks.

Zaher Jabareen

Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Tuesday, March 12, 2019