Hamas Islamic Resistance

PA’s sanctions on Gaza target Palestinian home front

16 March, 19

Hamas said that the sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority on Gaza were aimed at weakening the Palestinian home front.

In a press release, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said that the PA’s punitive measures on Gaza had tightened the 12-year siege imposed by the Israeli occupation on the impoverished territory.

Qasem condemned the PA’s sanctions on Gaza as a national, moral, and humanitarian crime aimed at targeting the Palestinian home front.

Since April 2017, the Ramallah-based PA has been imposing sanctions on Gaza, including slashing salaries of its Gaza’s employees, forcing more than 30,000 of its public servants into early retirement, reducing the number of medical permits to receive treatment abroad, and cutting medicines and medical supplies sent from the West Bank to the besieged enclave.

Two months ago, the PA cut the salaries of thousands of Gaza’s public servants, including the monthly stipends paid to the families of Palestinian martyrs, wounded, and detainees in the Israeli jails.