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Hamas supports Gazans’ protests against hunger and dire conditions

21 March, 19

Hamas said in a major press release that it sides with the Palestinian people and supports their peaceful protests against the Israeli occupation’s siege and the PA-imposed punitive measures.

The National Palestinian Movement Hamas released an ‘important’ statement, highlighting that the movement is an integral part of the Palestinian people and thus endures the same ‘dire conditions’ and severe humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation has been imposing a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip for more than 12 years, which has created serious humanitarian crises in the enclave.

“Hamas strives to secure a decent life for the poor families, graduates, and youth. We will never rest assured but when the occupation removes the 12-year crippling siege imposed on Gaza,” Hamas said in the statement.

Hamas stated that the movement denounces and rejects all forms of assault against any Palestinian citizen, stressing that the movement supports the right of the Palestinian people to peaceful protest and freedom of expression.

“Hamas stresses that the Palestinians are entitled to enjoy the right to peaceful demonstration and to freedom of expression. This stance is not new but a continuation of Hamas' position and policy regarding peaceful protest and freedom of expression,” Hamas added.

Hamas also said that the security forces in Gaza worked day and night to prevent chaos and tampering with the Gaza’s security by whatever party, above all the PA’s security forces.

Meanwhile, the resistance movement urged the human rights organizations to continue their work, for they shoulder the responsibility of exposing all violations against civilians committed by whatever party.

The statement concluded that Hamas would adhere to the option of resistance until restoring the independence and freedom of the Palestinian people, regardless of all ‘vicious attempts to dissuade the movement from this path’.


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