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Gaza is gearing up for mass protest on first anniversary of GRM, Hamas chief says

22 March, 19

Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said that Gaza was gearing up for mass peaceful protests east of the besieged enclave on the first anniversary of the Great Return March. 

At a speech at a funeral tent held in Gaza in honour of the three Palestinians killed on Tuesday, March 20 by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank, Haniyeh added that the Israeli occupation has no choice but to meet the Palestinian people’s demands, above all lifting the 12-year siege on Gaza.

“We will not accept half-solutions or quarter-solutions for Gaza’s crises,” Haniyeh added, noting that the demands of the Palestinian people are humanitarian and clear.

Haniyeh noted that Gaza can “contain any development and put right its compass” despite the surrounding circumstances.   

Regarding the Palestinian martyrs killed by Israeli Occupation forces in the West Bank, Haniyeh said that dozens of thousands have taken to Gaza’s streets to remember the Palestinian martyrs and restate their loyalty to their cause, people, and constants.   

Haniyeh added that the Palestinian martyrs would be remembered by their own people.

The Hamas chief said that the strategic threats posed to the Palestinian cause spur the need to achieve a true national unity on the basis of national partnership.

Haniyeh saluted the Palestinian people, along with families of Palestinian martyrs and resistance factions, for resisting the occupation with all means possible and supporting the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

The head of Hamas Political Bureau reiterated that the Palestinian people would never let down the detainees in the Israeli jails and would continue resisting the occupation.


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