Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Trump’s decree to recognize Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over occupied Golan Heights

25 March, 19

On singing a decree by Trump stating that the US administration recognizes the Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over occupied Golan Heights, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh stated the following:

A new feature of the Trump’s plan that targets the region has appeared today, as the US President signed a decree claiming the Israeli occupation has sovereignty over the Golan Heights, occupied in 1967.

The Trump administration’s weird decisions would not alter the history and geography of Syria. The Golan Heights are a Syrian territory and the US decree could not abolish the Syrians’ rights to Golan.

Today, Hamas declares that it sides with Syria against the US oppression. In addition, the movement stresses that the Trump administration, which has tried to end the issues of Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugees, does not honor the international laws and conventions.

Ismail Haniyeh

Head of Hamas Political Bureau

March 25, 2019