Press release on potential ceasefire understandings between Hamas and Israeli occupation

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On potential ceasefire understandings between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh stated the following:

Hamas works with Egypt and the Egyptian delegation, which is currently in Gaza, to solve the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip in a way that retains the Gazans’ dignity and puts an end to the 12-year Israeli blockade.

Indeed, the movement endeavours to alleviate the plight of Gaza through Egyptian-brokered serious understandings with the Israeli occupation that include: adhering to ceasefire, stopping the Israeli aggression against Gaza, allowing humanitarian aid to enter the strip, conducting developmental and reconstruction projects, opening the crossing borders, expanding the fishing area, launching limited-duration employment projects for graduates and youth, handling the grave long-term problem of water and electricity, and others.

Hamas and the Egyptian delegation will continue their talks today and the Palestinian factions will join the meetings that were started yesterday.

As the Israeli occupation’s positions are being seriously examined right now, we are at an important crossroad. The nature of the few coming hours including the One-Million Demonstration of Land and Return will be determined based on the Israeli occupation’s reply. We are in the last stage of the understandings. Therefore, the Israeli occupation will endure severe consequences in case it does not reply positively to the understandings.

Owing to the Qatari crucial role to alleviate the Israeli siege on Gaza, Hamas keeps close contact with Qatar as well. Qatari officials, in turn, continue their endeavours with all parties to achieve this goal in additions to their enormous humanitarian support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas also keeps contact with the United Nations due to its important role in removing the plight of Gaza.

Moreover, the ongoing talks shed special light on the Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli jails and the occupation’s latest crackdown on them, especially the brutal attack against the detainees in Negev Prison.  The situation in Jerusalem and the issue of Bab al-Rahma are being critically considered as well.

Finally, Hamas is ready for all scenarios. The movement will not hesitate to take any action that serves the interests of the Palestinian people and ensures that the Palestinians' sacrifices at the Great Return March have not been made in vain.

Ismail Haniyeh

Head of Hamas Political Bureau

March 29, 2019