Hamas Islamic Resistance

Palestinians' enormous sacrifices reflect their determination to uphold national constants

30 March, 19

The sacrifices made by the Palestinian people at home and abroad prove their determination to stick firm to their lands and right to resist the occupation with all means possible and right of return, Hamas official Rafat Morra said.

 In a press release on the 43rd anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, Morra reiterated his movement’s rejection to make concessions on any part of the Palestinian territories and on the Palestinians’ right to resist until ending the occupation.

Morra added that the Land Day is a national Palestinian occasion reflecting the Palestinians’ resolve to stick firm to their lands and their national identity at home and abroad.

The Hamas official confirmed that his movement would continue supporting the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Morra stressed that the Great March of Return highlighted the importance of peaceful, popular resistance to restore the Palestinian people’s rights.