Hamas Islamic Resistance

Great Return March: Hamas, Islamic Jihad warns against targeting civilians as Palestinians mark one-year anniversary

30 March, 19

The leaderships of Hamas and Islamic Jihad warned the Israeli occupation against targeting Palestinian civilians participating in the mass protests held on the first anniversary of Gaza’s Great Return March.

During a joint meeting in Beirut, attended by Hamas Deputy Chief Salih al-Aruri and Islamic Jihad chief Ziad al-Nakhala, both movements reiterated the necessity to coordinate efforts to repulse any Israeli aggression against the Great March of Return protests east of Gaza.   

Al-Aruri and al-Nakhala hailed the Palestinian people for standing steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation and saluted the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli prisons.

During their meeting, the two senior officials discussed the challenges facing the Palestinian people at this phase and the efforts exerted to end the Israeli siege on Gaza.