Hamas Islamic Resistance

Palestinian people achieved some of the Great Return March’s goals, al-Hayya says

30 March, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya said on Saturday that the Great March of Return has achieved some of its goals after a year of peaceful protests at the Gaza borders.

Al-Hayya also noted that the Palestinian people are determined to continue their popular, peaceful protests until their demands are met.

During his participation in the Great March of Return protests, al-Hayya stressed that today’s protests are a ‘test for Israeli intentions’ to see if the occupation has resorted to adhere to the ceasefire understanding, adding that the Palestinian people will keep up pressure on Israeli occupation until their legitimate demands are met.

“The Egyptian delegation informed us of positive replies [on potential ceasefire understandings] and will bring tomorrow a timeframe from the Israeli occupation to fulfill its promises,” al-Hayya continued.

Al-Hayya warned the Israeli occupation against targeting Palestinian civilians participating in today’s Great March of Return protests to mark the Land Day and against evading the proposed ceasefire understandings.

The senior Hamas official highlighted that the Palestinian people are united behind a “mortal issue” to end the occupation, return to their homeland, and establish the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.  

The member of Hamas Political Bureau saluted the Palestinian people who took to the Gaza’s eastern border fence to mark the Land Day and demand their right of return.