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Breaking Gaza siege is key goal in any potential deal, Hamas deputy chief says

01 April, 19

Breaking Gaza siege is key goal in any potential deal, Hamas deputy chief says

Hamas Deputy Chief Saleh al-Aruri said ceasefire understandings with the Israeli occupation might be reached in the coming days, noting that breaking Gaza siege is the main goal of any agreement.

In a press release, al-Aruri denied that there would be a political price in return for this ceasefire agreement, adding, “The truce has no political or national dimensions and doesn’t block the Palestinian people’s struggle for their rights.”

Al-Aruri added that the truce is one of the “equations of the Palestinian people’s conflict with the Israeli occupation.”

The Hamas Deputy Chief said that the Great Return March has achieved many goals, above all a national and popular consensus on the option of resistance.

Al-Aruri confirmed that the Palestinian people reiterated their right to their homelands from which they were forcibly displaced in 1948 by Zionist gangs, while peacefully marching east of Gaza to mark the Land Day. 

The senior Hamas official stressed that the Palestinian people would continue using all legitimate means of resistance until they return to their homeland and restore their rights.

Al-Aruri added that Hamas was extending its hands to all Palestinian factions in order to resist the Israeli crimes united.


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