Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Brazilian President’s visit to Israeli occupation

01 April, 19

On the Brazilian President’s visit to the Israeli occupation, Hamas movement states the following: 
Hamas movement vehemently condemns the visit of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the Israeli occupation as a move that not only does contradict the historic attitude of the Brazilian people who  support the Palestinian people’s freedom struggle against the occupation but also violates the international laws and norms.
Particularly, Hamas denounces that the Brazilian President paid a visit to the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Buraq Wall accompanied by the Israeli occupations’ Prime minister. The movement also condemns the announced plan for setting up a trade office for Brazil in Jerusalem. 
Hamas calls on Brazil to reverse this policy immediately that is against both the International law and the supportive positions of the Brazilian people and the peoples of Latin America.
We stress that this policy does not serve the stability and security of the region and threatens the Brazilian ties with Arab and Islamic nations.
Finally, Hamas urges the Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and all international organisations to pressure the Brazilian government to overturn these moves that support the Israeli occupation and provide a cover for its abhorrent crimes and violations against the Palestinian people. 

Hamas Movement 
April 1, 2019