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Hamas replies to Brazilian senator after streaming violence on social media

04 April, 19

Member of Hamas International Relations Office Dr. Basen Naim has replied to a message by the son of the Brazilian President Senator Flavio Bolsonaro that streams violence against the movement on social media.

Senator Flavio Bosonario tweeted a message attacking the Palestinian resistance movement that reads, “I want Hamas to explode.”

On the heels of a visit made by the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the Israeli occupation and occupied Jerusalem, Hamas published a press release condemning the visit as a “move that not only does contradict the historic attitude of the Brazilian people…but also violates international laws and norms.”

The Hamas official replied to the senator in a thread of tweets wondering why the Brazilian official would criticize Hamas, which is a resistance movement committed to legitimate freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation.

“The son of the Brazilian President attacked Hamas for rejecting the Brazilian President’s support for the Israeli occupation, contradicting the historic support of the Brazilian people for the Palestinian people’s freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation,” Naim said.

Naim clarified that Flavio Bolsonaro attacked Hamas for resisting the Israeli occupation, which is a right guaranteed by the international law.

The Hamas official added that Jerusalem is an occupied territory according to the International law and thus no one could legitimize that illegitimate occupation to Palestine.

“Flavio Bolsonaro is just ruining the rock-solid and historic relations between Palestine and Brazil. The policy of Bolsonaro does nothing but destabilizes the region,” he added.

The Hamas official concluded by urging the Brazilian people to pressure Bolsonaro to reverse this ‘dangerous’ policy against the Palestinian people.


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