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Abbas’ refusal to heal internal division goes in line with Netanyahu’s plans

08 April, 19

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said Sunday that the PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to achieve reconciliation and heal the internal division goes in line with Netanyahu’s comments in which he affirmed his role in foiling any reconciliation effort.

“Netanyahu’s remarks prove that the Palestinian resistance, including Hamas, is a serious obstacle to his schemes and proposals, above all the “Deal of the Century”,” Barhoum added in a press release.

In recent comments, Netanyahu said that his government was working to keep the occupied West Bank and Gaza separate.

Barhoum stressed that the PA’s sanctions on Gaza go in line with Netanyahu’s plans to prepare the ground for the “Deal of the Century”.  

Hamas, along with the Palestinian people and factions, is engaged in a political battle to end the Gaza siege because it shoulders a national responsibility towards the Palestinian people, Barhoum confirmed.

The Hamas spokesperson called on the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to “realise the seriousness of his policy and its repercussions on the national project and the future of the Palestinian situation.”

The PA president is turning a blind eye to the factions’ calls to hold general elections in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza while insisting on forming a unilateral government amid widespread boycott from the national factions.


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