Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on brutal kidnapping of a student at an-Najah University by PA security forces

08 April, 19

Commenting on kidnapping a Palestinian student at an-Najah University by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces which have launched a large-scale arrest campaign across the West Bank targeting activists form the Islamic Bloc, Hamas movement states the following:

The PA security forces kidnapped on Sunday the Palestinian student at an-Najah University Musa Dweikat, who is an activist in the Islamic Bloc, brutally and violently. This scene reflects that the Palestinian people are ruled by a gang that has no morals or values.

The arrest of Dweikat is part of the PA-adopted arbitrary measures against the Islamic Bloc and its activists. Before Dweikat’s arrest, the PA-affiliated Preventive Security has arrested the student at an-Najah University Ibrahim Shalhoub; the Al-Quds University Abu Dis Campus has prevented the Islamic Bloc to participate in the students’ elections; and the PA has restricted free activities of the Islamic Bloc at an-Najah University. Indeed, all of these measures indicate that the PA suppresses freedoms and democracy in the West Bank.

Hamas calls on legal and media organisations to shed special light on the PA’s suppressive measures across the West Bank. They should also pressure the PA security forces to stop political arrests immediately and release all the political detainees held in the PA’s jails.

Finally, we urge the PA to allow the Islamic Bloc exercise freedom and democracy in the West Bank.

Hamas Movement

Sunday, April 8, 2019