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Hamas visits Lebanon’s Grand Mufti in Beirut

09 April, 19

Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmed Abdel Hadi, along with other officials, visited on Monday Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan in Beirut.

The delegation, including Hamas officials Jihad Taha, Ayman Shana, and Ali al-Yousef, briefed Deryan on the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause, especially the Israeli siege on Gaza, the Great Return March protests, the issue of Palestinian detainees, the status quo in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Abdel-Hadi reiterated that the Palestinian people of Gaza would continue their peaceful, popular Great Return March protests until their demands are met, above all an end to the Gaza siege and their right of return.

Hailing the Palestinian detainees for going on a hunger strike in protest at the Israeli policies against them, Abdel-Hadi confirmed that the Palestinian detainees issue is at the top of his movement’s agenda.

Abdel-Hadi saluted the Palestinian people in Jerusalem for standing steadfast in the face the Israeli plans aimed at judaizing Jerusalem and obliterating its Arab and Islamic identity.

The Hamas official highlighted that Hamas is keen on preserving security and stability in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, adding that efforts are being coordinated with the Lebanese government to achieve this goal.

Abdel-Hadi thanked the Lebanese Grand Mufti for his efforts in support of the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem, and their just cause, urging him to back the Palestinian Lebanese dialogue on a document that may grant the Palestinian refugees their civil and humanitarian rights.  

The Grand Mufti, on the other hand, welcomed the delegation and saluted the Hamas leadership, especially the movement’s chief Ismail Haniyeh, while reaffirming his constant and ongoing support for the Palestinian people and their issues, above all the Jerusalem, Palestinian detainees, and Palestine refugees issues.

Deryan reiterated his willingness to support a Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue on granting the  Palestinian refugees who reside in Lebanon their civil and humanitarian rights.

Both sides agreed on maintaining contact to secure a better future for the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. 


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