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Deal of Century’ is the most dangerous threat, Hamas official says

11 April, 19

Saleh al-Aruri, Hamas Deputy Chief
Saleh al-Aruri, Hamas Deputy Chief

Hamas Deputy Chief Saleh al-Aruri stated that the most dangerous threat facing the Palestinian people is the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the US administration is trying to impose it with Arab support.

In a speech at an election ceremony held at Birzeit University, Al-Aruru said that Hamas is the ‘true block’ for the ‘Deal of the Century’.

He added, “It is the first time for the Palestinian cause to experience such a danger which takes place amid the US bullying and the Arab silence.”

“We say to Trump and Netanyahu that the rights of the Palestinian people are unalienable,” he said.

Concerning Jerusalem, the senior Hamas official said that Jerusalem is facing Israeli schemes to judaize and impose a new reality in the holy city.

He clarified that Arab and Palestinian support is needed to defend the city.

Al-Aruru also highlighted that the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails are in a battle to get their human rights, stressing that their issue is a top priority in any of Hamas’ talks with Egyptian delegations.

Regarding the recent ceasefire understandings with the Israeli occupation, the Hamas official said that the deal with the Israeli occupation is not a truce but a restoration of some of the Palestinians’ human rights.

The Hamas official stressed that the Palestinian Authority-affiliated security forces chase the Islamic Bloc, which is the Hamas student bloc, in an attempt to suppress its free voice.