Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on developments and challenges facing the Palestinian issue

19 April, 19

The Palestinian cause has been facing a set of challenges including the US schemes and the Israeli oppression. Amid the current political developments, Hamas movement seeks to put forward a work plan to tackle the Israeli attacks and enhance the steadfastness of the Palestinian people. Therefore, Hamas Chief in Gaza Yahya al-Sinwar and Head of Hamas National Relations Office Dr. Salah al-Bardaweel, along with a number of Hamas officials, have met many Palestinian factions to lay emphasis on the following points:

  1. Tackling the Israeli threats and foiling its schemes prompt all the Palestinian factions to ignore their partisan differences and to start developing a consensual national plan.
  2. Unity and reconciliation are the best ways to tackle Israeli aggression. The movement is prepared to support any reconciliation efforts strongly in order to enhance resistance against the Israeli occupation and protect the West Bank from annexation.
  3. The movement invites all the segments of the Palestinian people to participate in the comprehensive popular resistance across the West Bank to foil annexation attempts by the Israeli occupation. All the Palestinian people have to work together and develop the means of the popular resistance. They are also required to facilitate all the elements needed for its success. The Palestinian factions have to provide material, moral, and media support for them to make resistance a national status across Palestine that would lead to liberation and freedom.
  4. Hamas is fully prepared to work hard, retain the Palestinian constants, and enhance the steadfastness of the Palestinian people. Still, the Palestinian factions should agree on a national document to tackle the Israeli plans.
  5. The Palestinian people should accumulate the achievements of the Great Return March, which has to remain a popular act unifying all the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The factions, though, should enhance the tools of resistance in the West Bank and 1948 occupied territories.
  6. Hamas has not paid any political prices for the Egyptian-brokered understandings with the Israeli occupation. Any decision regarding the future of these understanding will be taken consensually, as agreed by the Palestinian factions.
  7. The Gaza Strip is the backbone of the national project and the first castle that protects the Palestinian cause from the Israeli and American threats until the liberation of Palestine and the return of the Palestinian refugees.
  8. The Palestinian people reject all forms and attempts of normalization with the Israeli occupation. We call on the free people to isolate and delegitimize the Israeli occupation. We will adhere to resistance until fulfilling the aspirations of the Palestinian people to peace, freedom, and independence.

Hamas movement

Thursday, April 18, 2019