Hamas Islamic Resistance

Palestinian factions meet in Gaza to develop a strategy against ‘Deal of Century”

27 April, 19

The Palestinian factions held this afternoon a national meeting to put forward a strategy to face off the ‘Deal of the Century’ and to agree on possible ways to stop the ‘vicious’ US plan.

During the meeting, the Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said that the Palestinian people have been enduring the Israeli oppression, which meets its peak in the ‘Deal of the Century”

The top Hamas official highlighted that this national meeting communicates three important messages, which are: the Palestinian people realize that the ‘Deal of the Century’ is dangerous, are able to promote reconciliation in spite of political differences, and are determined to uphold the Palestinian constants regardless of the challenges.

“The third message is for all the free people of world. It reads that the Palestinian would not give up their cause and will remain the spearheads of the freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation,” Haniyeh added.

Key developments

The Hamas Chief said that three key developments have taken place over the past year; the first one was the US-Israeli endeavors to liquidate the political cause of the Palestinian people.

“Targeting the political aspects of the Palestinian cause and the minimum demands of the Palestinian people by the US administration is an unprecedented development,” Haniyeh said.

The second major issue is normalization at the official level not at the popular one.

Haniyeh said that normalization with governments indicate that the ‘Deal of the Century’ has two tracks, regional and Palestinian, and both aim at rearranging the region and reclassifying people and groups to make the resistance factions seem enemies.

The third remarkable scene is the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza, in the West Bank, and in Jerusalem.

The top Hamas official said that the Palestinian people have scored many victories throughout the past year, at the Great Return March, inside the Israeli prisons, and in Jerusalem after foiling the Israeli attempts to close al-Rahman Gate.

Hamas Vision

The top Hamas leader said that Hamas has a vision to tackle the Israeli-American plan aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue

Haniyeh stated that the most important thing is rejecting the ‘Deal of Century’ and promoting reconciliation among the Palestinian people to face off the US plan united.

The Hamas Chief stressed that the Palestinian people have to tackle the attempts to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank in order to prevent dividing Palestine geographically.

The second point in Hamas’ vision is halting all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation.

“We call on the Palestinian people and the Arab neighbors not to be a ‘bridge’ for the Israeli occupation,” Haniyeh said.

He added that the movement is happy with the stances of Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon against the ‘Deal of the Century.’

The other points in Hamas vision to face off the ‘Deal of the Century’ are holding the National Framework of the Palestinian factions to agree on the ways to fight off the deal, organizing a gathering outside of Palestine, and scrapping the Oslo accords and getting out of its path which has reached a dead end.