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Implementation of “Deal of Century” has started, ex-Hamas chief says

28 April, 19

Khalid Meshal, Senior Hamas Official
Khalid Meshal, Senior Hamas Official

Former chief of Hamas Political Bureau Khalid Meshal said that the Israeli occupation and the US had already started the implementation of the so-called “Deal of the Century” by exploiting the “regretful” developments at the internal and foreign levels.

“They began implementing the deal ]of the century[. They moved the American embassy and cut all aid to UNRWA…They passed the Jewish nation-state law. They gave the Israeli occupation sovereignty over the Golan. They pushed the Arabs to fall into the arms of Israeli occupation,” Meshal Said.

During the Afro-Asian Forum for Cooperation and Development in Istanbul, Meshal explained that the US and Israeli occupation were taking advantage of the Palestinian internal division and lack of options that the Palestinian leadership has, as well as the Arab situation with its old feuds to determine the standard of relations between the Arab and Islamic nations.

Meshal noted that the Arab and Islamic nations managed to transcend their religious, racial, and sectarian differences throughout history and embraced collaboration, dialogue, inclusiveness, and tolerance.

“But, amid the foreign influence and incitement, racial, religious, and sectarian conflicts broke out, weakening and tearing us apart, with dictatorships dominating our lands, in a way that exhausted our people and weakened the domestic front,” Meshal continued.

Meshal deplored the “unprecedented boldness” of some of the region’s officials and leaders to normalise and establish ties with the Israeli occupation.  

The former Hamas chief stressed that normalisation with the Israeli occupation is aimed at “deeply penetrating the Arab and Islamic nations, in a move they ]the US and Israeli occupation[ consider as a golden chance to liquidate the ]Palestinian[ cause.”

Meshal noted that the Israeli occupation imposed a tight siege on Gaza in a bid to crush the Palestinians’ will to resist the occupation, expanded its illegal settlements and confiscated Palestinian-owned lands in the occupied West Bank, as well as deducting tax revenues collected on behalf the Palestinian Authority to make the Palestinian people bow to the “Deal of the Century”

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner said last Tuesday that his country would announce the “Deal of the Century” after Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.