Hamas Islamic Resistance

Islamic Bloc condemns arresting activists by PA, urging human rights organisations to intervene

30 April, 19

The Islamic Bloc, Hamas student bloc, has commended the brutal and immoral behaviour of the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, as it has been arresting the representative of the bloc Ibrahim Shalhab for 24 days without a charge.

In a press release, the Islamic Bloc said that Shalhab is still held in detention by the PA-affiliated Preventive Security in Tulkarem in spite of the release verdict issued by a Palestinian court on April 11, 2019.

The Magistrate Court of Tulkarem ruled that the PA has to release the Palestinian student immediately, but the security forces has refused to do in spite of the court’s verdict.

The Islamic Bloc said, “We condemn the bullying and brutality exercised by the PA security forces against students. The forces try to spread fear among and terrorise students, disrespecting the Palestinian judiciary.”

It also mentioned that ignoring the PA’s aggressive behavior by the al-Najah University’s administration legalises the [PA’s] violations against freedoms inside the university campus and encourages them to conduct more political arrests against students.

The Islamic Bloc urged the human rights organisations to pressure the PA to release all students held in its jails, stressing that it has the right to participate in student elections, conduct activities, and provide services for students at the university.