Hamas Islamic Resistance

Syria aggression: Israeli occupation takes advantage of internal feuds

28 May, 19

The Israeli bombardment on Syrian and Lebanese territories is a continuation of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Arab nations, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said.

In a press release, Qasem added that the Israeli air strikes on Syria were an “extension of the relentless aggression on the Palestinian people, lands, and holy sites.”

Qasem stressed that this aggression proved that the Israeli occupation is the arch-foe of the Arab nations and the region, as it takes advantage of the Arab internal feuds to continue its aggression and pass proposals aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

The Hamas spokesperson called on the Arab nations, with all its segments, to resolve their internal disputes and unite behind a strategy programme to face off the US-backed Israeli policies. 

A soldier was killed and two others injured on Monday in an Israeli air strike on a military post in Quneitra province in the country's south, Syrian media reported.