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Report: 130 Israeli violations against Jerusalemites in April

02 June, 19

The Israeli occupation committed 130 violations against the Palestinian people in occupied Jerusalem in April, including arbitrary detentions, expulsions, demolitions of residential and other buildings and facilities, evictions, home raids and restrictions on public freedoms, a detailed report by a human rights group showed.

The report found that all Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem discriminated against the Palestinians and blatantly violated their rights as a people living under the occupation, adding that these violations aimed at displacing the Palestinians through home demolitions, land grabs, and denial of building permits.

The human rights group said that the Israeli policies and human rights violations escalated following US President Donald Trump's decision in late 2017 to move his country’s embassy to occupied Jerusalem, giving the Israeli occupation a green light to intensify its violations against the Palestinian people, in general, and Jerusalem’s residents, in particular.

Highlighting that the Israeli occupation practices constitute collective punishment against the Palestinians without legal excuses, the group called on the international community to act and protect the Palestinians from the Israeli systematic practices against them.

The report documented dozens of cases of administrative detentions, most of which were carried out against young men who were not charged, including Adnan al-Rajabi, 26, who was held under administrative detention for six months without a charge.

"This is a politically and arbitrarily abusive pursuit. Since the first day of my arrest, they interrogated me for only few hours. They did not make a specific accusation against me. I did not understand what the investigation was about. And then I spent the rest of the days in solitary confinement. And then administrative detention order was issued [by the Israeli authorities], on the basis of confidential information I do not know," al-Rajbi said in his testimony documented in the report.

The Israeli policy of administrative detention breaches the procedural safeguards system in both domestic and international law in terms of the right to liberty and fair trial. Article 78 of the Fourth Geneva Convention stipulates that administrative detention should be used for “compelling security reasons not as a means of punishment.” The Israeli occupation, however, uses administrative detention, in most of the cases, as a means of punishment against Palestinians.

The report documented several cases of home demolitions, in which Israeli occupation authorities forced Palestinian civilians to destroy their own homes. Otherwise, they had to pay hefty demolition fees for Israeli occupation authorities.

Israeli occupation authorities demolished Mohammed Shwiki’s home and forced him to pay the costs of the machinery and workers, the report noted.

In April, Israeli occupation authorities demolished more than 29 housing units and notified owners of dozens of residential buildings and other facilities, including a school, of demolition, the rights group noted.

Up to 130 violations by Israeli occupation forces and settlers against Palestinians were documented over the past month, the group added.

The rights group called on the international community to shoulder their responsibilities towards Jerusalem and its residents, who are subjected to serious violations aimed at displacing them, demanding protection for them as residents of an occupied territory under Security Council and General Assembly resolutions.

The report urged the United Nations and its concerned bodies in addition to the European Union to closely monitor the situation in Jerusalem and to condemn the harsh acts to which Palestinians are subjected as well as assuming their responsibilities towards the Palestinians living under the occupation.


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