Hamas condemns extraordinary rendition of scholar Abdul Halim al-Ashqar by US to Israeli occupation

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Commenting on the US extraordinary rendition of the Palestinian scholar Abdul Halim al-Ashqar to the  Israeli occupation, Hamas states the following:

As the US extradites the Palestinian scholar Abdul Halim al-Ashqar to the Israeli occupation, Washington confirms its absolute prejudice in favour of the Israeli occupation.

Dr. Al-Ashqar is an ex-presidential candidate and a Palestinian scholar who has served eleven years in the US prisons in addition to two years of house arrest.

While Hamas was discussing with some countries hosting Dr. al-Ashqar, the US extradited the Palestinian figure to the Israeli occupation, in a move that Hamas considers illegal and extrajudicial.

Dr. Al-Ashqar is a national icon who is known for his sense of nationalism and loyalty for his People and issue. Indeed, all the Palestinian people are proud of him.

Hamas condemns and regrets the US move. We hold Washington responsible for his life and freedom, because the Israeli occupation has a shameful history of oppressing the Palestinian people, especially the Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli jails.

We call on international and human rights organizations to intervene and demand an immediate release of al-Ashqar. They have to save his life and secure him freedom, given that his confinement in the US or in the Israeli occupation is a flagrant violation of the International Law and  the International Humanitarian Law.

Hamas Movement

June 6, 2019