Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on rearrest of Palestinian Quran teacher by PA forces

16 June, 19

Commenting on the arbitrary detention of Palestinian citizen Alaa Bashir by PA security forces, Hamas movement states the following:

The ongoing detention of Quran teacher Alaa Bashir by the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority security forces is a blatant violation of the Palestinian norms, values, and customs. It is a continuation of the policy of repression adopted by the PA security forces against the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

The daily arrests, prosecutions, and threats against Palestinians by the PA security forces come as part of a wide campaign to muzzle voices, suppress freedoms, and impose the PA’s arbitrary policies on the Palestinian people.

Strongly condemning the political arrests by the PA security forces in the West Bank, Hamas calls on the Palestinian factions and all humanitarian and human rights groups to fight off this notorious policy and pressure the PA’s leadership and its forces to halt these arrests and release Bashir along with all political prisoners in its jails, above all the college students, ex-detainees, opinion activists, and Hamas official Saed Abu Bahaa.

We urge the PA and its security forces to repulse the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including killing civilians at military checkpoints, desecration of holy sites by Israeli settlers, and confiscation of Palestinian properties and resources. Rather, the PA must protect the interests of the Palestinian people and reinforce their steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation instead of deepening their internal crises and increasing their suffering. 

Hamas Movement

June 15, 2019


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