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Israeli occupation starts implementation of new understandings, says Hamas spokesperson

18 June, 19

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said that a “broader package” of the understandings to alleviate the Israeli siege on Gaza was being implemented.

In a press release, Qasem explained that the new “package” included providing aid to Gaza’s poor families and solving the electricity and water crises, setting up temporary employment programs, as well as facilitating the movement of Palestinians through border crossings.

Qasem noted that the mediators assured Hamas in the past few days that the Israeli occupation would abide by the understandings to break the Gaza siege, adding that the Palestinian factions were following up the implementation of these understandings.  

“This package of understandings is one of the achievements of the Great Return, aimed to highlight the national rights,” Qasem continued.

The Hamas spokesperson stressed that Qatar was exerting “clear and appreciated” efforts to implement the understandings intended to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Qasem reiterated that breaking Gaza siege is a strategic goal for Hamas to strengthen the Palestinian home front in the face of the plans targeting the Palestinian cause, above all the Trump’s “Deal of the Century”.

Qatari ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi arrived late Sunday in Gaza, hours after his deputy Khaled al-Hardan reached the besieged enclave through Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing.

An Egyptian security delegation is due to visit Gaza in the coming days to discuss the ceasefire efforts aimed at breaking the Israeli siege on the impoverished territory.


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