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Press release on World Refugee Day

19 June, 19

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, Hamas chief abroad Maher Salah stated the following:

The Palestinian refugee issue is and still the most important and complicated cause in the world. Nowadays, the number of Palestinian refugees reached about eight million refugees inside and outside occupied Palestine. It is the fairest humanitarian issue, about which many international resolutions reiterating the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland and get compensation was issued.

Until this day, the Israeli occupation, which caused the displacement of the Palestinian through systematic terror, killings, destruction, and depopulation, is refusing to recognise the Palestinian refugee issue, in disregard of international resolutions. The Israeli occupation, in addition, continues to take terrorist measures to liquidate the Palestinian cause, in coordination with the US administration which is promoting the “Deal of the Century” and trying to abolish the Palestinian refugee issue by ending UNRWA’s work and transferring the refugee issue to the hosting countries.   

On the World Refugee Day, we state the following:

  1. Hamas reiterates that the Palestinian refugee issue is just, calling for the implantation of all international resolutions in this regard, particularly those highlighting the refugees’ right of return and persevering their national identity.
  2. We will continue to face off any plan intended to liquidate the Palestinian refugee issue and will uphold the refugees’ rights to return and self-determination without any condition.
  3. The international community along with its humanitarian organisations, especially the UNRWA, should provide health care, relief, and development to Palestine refugees.
  4. We reject UNRWA’s services to Palestinian refugees be cut off or halted and oppose any bid to move the UNRWA-provided services to the hosting countries.  

5- Hamas renews its call to all hosting countries to grant the Palestinian refugees all their humanitarian and social rights and lift the sanctions imposed on them and their communities, as well as backing their right to return and self-determination and rejecting resettlement.

6-The Palestinian refugees have a right to take a political action in support of the Palestinian cause and work towards ending the occupation and restoring their right of return, which should be guaranteed.

7- Hamas praises the efforts exerted by Palestinian refugees at home and abroad, in addition to their sacrifices in their struggle against the occupation and their determination to preserve their national identity.

8- We call for allowing the Palestinian refugees to have a say on the national decision-making and a significant, direct, and effective role, that suits their number, history, qualifications, and struggle, in all Palestinian institutions, and a representation in all political frameworks, as well as taking their interests into consideration, especially in the decisive matters.

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June 19, 2019


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